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Collected Item: “– COVID-19: A rapid increase to 60 people with severe symptoms in Tokyo this week (November 27, 2020)”

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新型コロナ 東京都の重症者60人に 今週に入り急増(2020年11月27日) – COVID-19: A rapid increase to 60 people with severe symptoms in Tokyo this week (November 27, 2020)

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Tokyo continuously has increasing number of severe symptoms patient of COIVD-19. Despite this, Japan still wants to make the economy running, and all the restaurants are not taking proper CDC measures. Japan’s restaurants tend to be way smaller compared to here, and therefore opening one seat or a table apart from each other does not really help.

東京都は26日に481人の新型コロナウイルスへの感染を確認し、重症者が60人になったと明らかにしました。重症者が60人台になるのは緊急事態宣言中の5月11日以来です。  小池都知事:「『防ごう重症化、守ろう高齢者』。ずっと申し上げてきています。やはり高齢の方が重症化する比率が大変高い」  都によりますと、重症者は前の日から6人増えて60人となりました。60人以上になるのは緊急事態宣言が出ていた5月11日以来です。今週に入って重症者の数は20人増えました。また、重症化リスクが高い65歳以上の感染者は83人で過去最多となっています。都の担当者は高齢者の感染増加に伴って重症者が増えているのではないかとしています。そのうえで、同居する高齢者に感染させないため家庭ではこまめに換気するなどの対策を徹底するよう呼び掛けました。

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government confirmed 481 people infected with the new coronavirus on the 26th, and revealed that 60 people severe symptoms. It is the first time that the number of people with severe symptoms that has reached the 60s since May 11, during the state of emergency. Governor Koike: "'Preventing severe symptoms, let's protect elderly people'. I've been saying this for a long time. After all, the rate of the symptoms becoming more severe is very high for the elderly." There are now 60 people. It has not reached 60 people since May 11, when the state of emergency was declared. The number of people with severe symptoms has increased by 20 this week. In addition, the number of infected people aged 65 and over who are at high risk of aggravation is 83, the highest ever. The person in charge in Tokyo suspects that the number of people with severe symptoms is increasing as the number of elderly people is increased. On top of that, we called for thorough measures such as frequent ventilation at home to prevent infection of the elderly living together.

Video translated by Youngbin Noh

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