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Collected Item: “[GoTo」自粛キャンセル 13日までに申告で無料(2020年12月3日) - Cancellation of self-restraint of "Go To" Free of charge by declaration by 13th (December 3, 2020)”

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「GoTo」自粛キャンセル 13日までに申告で無料(2020年12月3日) - Cancellation of self-restraint of "Go To" Free of charge by declaration by 13th (December 3, 2020)

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In order to reduce the risk of elders, Tokyo Governor is asking elders to cancel their trip and will make canceling fee free. However, like I have said in previous stories, Japan can never enforce rules on citizens. It has to be “we would like you to do it”. I doubt a lot of elders will cancel because using Go To travel allows traveling fee to be reduced, and some would definitely think that it's a waste to not use the government’s money.

東京都は高齢者たちが自粛の呼び掛けに応じて「GoToトラベル」の旅行を取りやめる場合、13日までに申し出ればキャンセル料は無料になると明らかにしました。  東京都は65歳以上の高齢者や基礎疾患を持つ人たちを対象に「GoToトラベル」の東京発着の旅行を17日まで自粛するよう呼び掛けるとしています。キャンセル料などに関する政府から都への回答によりますと、17日までに出発する旅行については13日までに申し出ればキャンセル料はかかりません。一方、キャンセルされた事業者に対しては解約された旅行代金の35%を国が負担するということです。また、小池都知事は1日に菅総理と会談した際、高齢者らへの「GoToトラベル」の利用自粛の呼び掛けについて、全国規模で行うことを検討するよう求めていたことも明らかにしました。  その東京都では2日に新たに500人の感染が確認され、重症の患者は59人になりました。また、都は50代から90代の男女5人が死亡したことも発表しました。このうち4人は高血圧などの基礎疾患があったということです。

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced that if elderly people cancel their "Go To Travel" trip, the cancellation fee will be free if they apply by the 13th.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is calling on elderly people aged 65 and over and people with underlying illnesses to refrain from traveling to and from Tokyo on "Go To Travel" until the 17th. According to the government's response to the city regarding cancellation fees, there is no cancellation fee if you apply by the 13th for trips departing by the 17th. On the other hand, the government will bear 35% of the canceled travel fee for the canceled business operator. In addition, when Governor Koike met with Prime Minister Suga on the 1st, he said that he had requested that elderly people consider refraining from using "GoTo Travel" on a nationwide scale.
In Tokyo, 500 new infections were confirmed on the 2nd, and the number of patients with severe symptoms became 59. The city also announced that five men and women in their 50s and 90s had died. Four of them had underlying illnesses such as high blood pressure.

Video translated by Youngbin Noh

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