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Collected Item: “My View”

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My View

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When the spring semester of 2020 ended early on account to the ever-spreading virus known as Covid-19, I thought everything would be back to normal in a couple months’ time of quarantine. I assume most people during this time had this optimistic outlook on what the future held; however, we were wrong. I am now writing this at my desk in my dorm room where I now spend the majority of my time. All of my classes are online with the exception of an in-person lab that I have every two weeks. The only time my roommates or I leave this solitary space is usually to get groceries. I decided to use this picture because this has been my view of the outside world for almost two and a half months, while I wait impatiently for the year to be over and this quarantine to be relieved.

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#college #COVID-19

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Kyle Rogers

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