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Collected Item: “Family Day Activity”

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Family Day Activity

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This is a screenshot of an Instagram post from the Wende Museum in Culver City, CA. It is advertising a virtual family day activity they have planned.

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This comes from the #WendeOnline programming that started at the beginning of COVID-19. One facet of #WendeOnline is a monthly family day. They hosted a family day in pre-COVID times so this is an example of a direct translation from in-person to online programming. For June, the Wende collaborated with ESMoA to provide instructions on how to create a board game. The activity was called PLAY X GAMES X ART and encouraged families to design a game of their own based on household objects. They also provide a template in the pdf attachment that is based on historical games. While building a board game aligns more with the mission of ESMoA, it does loosely apply to the mission of the Wende. In my opinion, it is more important that the activity is collaborative and engaging than it directly relating to the subject matter of the museum. This event is different from most of the family day activities in the fact that it does not have an obvious link to history. Despite this, I think it is a unique way to engage with “visitors.” After making the game, families can continue to play it for a long span of time. Even once they’re done with the official family day activity, the experience can last longer. This is a great example of building a community within a household and between museums. This is important to me because this was a museum I went to in pre-COVID times and it is nice to see they are still building community.

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#wende, #family, #virtual, #fun, #together, #quarantine

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The Wende Museum in collaboration with the El Segundo Museum of Art

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