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Collected Item: “Shellsea”

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A quote directly from a textual interview with Shellsea jewelry company owner Chelsea Campbell, “…So many people have been laid off and in lieu of that they have started small businesses right now, quarantine sparked a lot of creativity (which is amazing), so it has saturated the market. Which would be AMAZING but so many people still don’t shop small so buyers are limited and most people are avoiding small business this season in the first place because of the shipping problems, (big businesses) have the advantage as it is just way easier for those large fast fashion companies because they have ways around the shipping issues” Chelsea Campbell

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Chelsea Campbell explains in a textual conversation that small business struggle with both competitors such as small and big business. Small businesses have been emerging since COVID-19 has begun as a solution for those who have been laid off from their jobs. Chelsea helps to explore the idea that although this is amazing for the small business community it makes it harder for other competitors. Additionally, larger business are able to work around issues that smaller business face such as large shipping cost and difficulty receiving products as they the money and ability to resolve more issues then someone who is attempting to compete with those same standards. Chelsea explain although there is always more room for creativity and entrepreneurship she has had to adjust tactics to become more competitive with other brands even if this is a direct sacrifice for her business.

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Chelsea Campbell

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