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Collected Item: “Jackson Brockenbrough”

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Jackson Brockenbrough

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Photo of Jackson working alone during the peek of COVID-19 to decrease exposure to others. Presented by Jackson in conversation about his business.

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ackson Brockenbrough, Jdagiver Production, explained in a verbal interview that as a direct result of COVID his inspirational has been effected. Lack of city life has made it more difficult for him to tap into his creativity. The dullness within the current state of the world translates into his work as many artist are effected by the their life and surroundings as a source of inspiration. Jackson continued explaining that even though this time is more difficult to produce music, he has a responsibility as a producer during COVID. For example the world utilizes music as an outlet to express and feel emotions of such as emotions of fear and frustration that COVID induces.Jacksons has also been faced with the difficulty of individuals being unable to contribute to sessions like they did prior to job restrictions because of COVID. Jackson’s story explains how an entrepreneur faces not only individuals struggling, and competition but also effected by the economic state of his consumers too.

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#producer #music #creative #studio #keyboard #rap #artist #musicproducing #Jackson #growth

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Jackson Brockenbrough

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