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Collected Item: “Fall Semester Admist a Global Pandemic”

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Fall Semester Admist a Global Pandemic

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I am a student enrolled in Northeaster's first semester freshmen year study abroad program. As a member of the NU IN program I was originally going to be in Prague for this semester but due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 that site was shut down. I ended up "studying abroad" 15 mins down the street from Northeastern at the Westin in Copley plaza. Living in a hotel for the first semester of college was a very different experience than what I was expecting; however, the nice hotel wasn't the only standout of the semester. As a result of the pandemic all of my classes, like almost every of student, were conducted over zoom. Some of my professors were not even in the United States, but were teaching me virtually from London. The social aspect of college also presented its own new challenges as students had to limit capacity in common spaces, social distance, and of course wear masks. While this new aspect of college was difficult to get used to, after a month or so I got the hang of it. I got into a rhythm of taking classes in the hotel but still going to campus and getting out to explore the city with new friends. As a matter of fact living of campus first semester was great because I was better able to explore more parts of the city. While i have no doubt studying abroad would have been a lot of fun, the whole NU IN community really came together to try and make this semester great, and despite all of the craziness of the pandemic and election season, this semester was one full of memories and a great start to my college experience.

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Cole Schmitt

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