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Collected Item: “Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine”

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Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

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My name is Delanie Cencelewski, I am 20, I live in Kingman, Arizona and I work for a private fiduciary office and deal with a lot of elderly clients.
Before getting my vaccine, I really was not nervous at all and did not really feel any particular way about it.
When I received the vaccine, I was in Bullhead City, Arizona at a local pharmacy called DeeFLat Pharmacy with one of my coworkers. It was only two people in the pharmacy, one administering the vaccine and one working the counter. The lady asked for my I.D. and insurance card, then I sat in a chair and got the shot. I had to wait in the pharmacy for 15 minutes so they could monitor me and make sure there were no symptoms.
I am not sure which vaccine I received.
I felt fine getting the vaccine, it did not hurt at all and was pretty quick. Later that day, I developed pain in the area of my right arm where I got the shot and a headache and fatigue, but other than that I was fine. I got the shot on Saturday, 1/16/2021, and am still experiencing fatigue and pain in the arm.
I got the vaccine partly due to work because I come into contact with many elderly people in my community and because I have diabetes, so I fall into the 1b category for the vaccinations in Arizona.

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Delanie Cencelewski

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