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Collected Item: “Thoughts on COVID”

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Thoughts on COVID

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As we reach the 10th month of the pandemic, it's important to know where we are at. The statsics of COVID right now, for the USA, are a total of 25.3 million cases and 421 thousand deaths. It might not seem like much compared to the population, but it sure is. I haven't had any close friends or family that have contracted COVID, but it seems that the effect it has is different for everyone. My final thoughts on COVID has both made us learn many things and at the same time, it has it's bad things. We've learned and had a bunch of experiences thoughout these 10 months, and I soon hope that this all would be over. Whenever I think about all the precautions and stuff we do during COVID sometimes makes me laugh. Not that any of this is funny, but we aren't used to this, and it feels like we are too careful.

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Maggie Kabilafkas

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