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Collected Item: “Hungry in a Pandemic - Food Banks”

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Hungry in a Pandemic - Food Banks

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The numbers of people with food insecurities in 2020 include some scary statistics. The BBC wrote that one in eight Americans didn’t have enough food in the month of November, 2020. Feeding America said one in every six Americans would face food insecurity. Some people are getting creative, like a food bank in Illinois that started out online, providing a sort of online grocery shopping, but for free.
Hunger has been a world-wide problem for a long time, and is something I would like to see ended in my life time. However, during this pandemic, when many more people began facing economic hardships, we see different outcomes. Some people are trying to make changes and help more vulnerable people, like some of the stories you can find on foodbanknews.org. Unfortunately, there are still many people facing the fact that they do not know when their next meal will come from. It isn’t a food problem, it is a society problem.

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#HST494, #hunger, #foodbanks, #homelessness

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Alisha Downs

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