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Collected Item: “Pandemic Hobbies”

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Pandemic Hobbies

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With all of the free time suddenly on my hands due to the pandemic, I was forced to find new hobbies that would occupy the time. Some of the hobbies that I developed over the course of the pandemic and specifically during the quarantine are following along to Bob Ross videos, fiber arts including latch hook and cross-stitch, and I have rediscovered my love for reading mysteries. These hobbies have helped keep my mind off of and cope with COVID and everything else that is going on in the world these days. Despite the negative effects that COVID has had on the world and individuals, it has allowed me and many others to delve deeper into new and old passions due to the amount of time that we have on our hands that we never had before.

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SaintAnselmCollege, HI363, pandemicprompt, entertainment, hobbies, boredom, painting, fiberarts, reading, mysteries

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Lindsey Marquis

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