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Collected Item: “Life Frozen, Caught in a Web, Safety Arrested”

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Life Frozen, Caught in a Web, Safety Arrested

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A photograph of a DePaul University campus safety light

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It was an August afternoon, the sidewalks I walked were abandoned. I passed this safety light on DePaul University’s campus, which based on the spider web delicately entwined within, had not been touched in some time. A bug is trapped in the middle by a force they couldn’t see, till it was all too late. This bug and I were clearly friends. My life, like theirs, had been frozen in place. Everything I aimed to do, suspended for another time. Helpless to do anything, and worst of all, even seeking safety and refuge in friends and family, made a risk.

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#DePaulHST269 #nature #campus #frozen #Chicago #safety #university

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Wesley janicki

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