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Collected Item: “Silver Linings Mini Oral History with Bonnie Brainard, 02/23/2021”


Silver Linings Mini Oral History with Bonnie Brainard, 02/23/2021

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Fitria Hardono

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Bonnie Brainard

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Arizona State University

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HST 494, Arizona State University, SilverJOTPY, Family, Hobbies

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Grants Pass, Oregon, United States

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65 to 74

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Fitria Hardono 0:00
Hi, my name is Fitria Hardono. And I'm an undergraduate student at ASU enrolled in history 494. The date is February 23, 2021. The time is 8:56pm. And I'm speaking with Bonnie Brainard.

I want to ask you a question about your pandemic experience. But before I do, I would like to ask for your consent to record this response for the COVID-19 archive. The COVID. The COVID-19 archive is a digital archive at ASU that is collecting pandemic experiences. Do I have your consent to record your response and add it to the archive with your name?

Bonnie Brainard 0:49
Yes, you do.

Fitria Hardono 0:50
Thank you. First, can you tell me your name, age, race and where you live?

Bonnie Brainard 0:58
My name is Bonnie Brainard. My age is 67. And I don't remember...

Fitria Hardono 1:06
Your race.

Bonnie Brainard 1:08
I'm white, and I live in Grants Pass, Oregon, United States.

Fitria Hardono 1:13
Thank you. Now I'd like to ask you a quick question about the pandemic. We've experienced a lot of changes in 2020. And unfortunately, many of those have been negative and disruptive. But perhaps it's not entirely bad. What's one positive thing you've experienced during the pandemic?

Bonnie Brainard 1:34
Um, I guess I would have to say, interestingly, spending a lot more time not socializing.

Fitria Hardono 1:44
Not socializing.

Bonnie Brainard 1:47
Spending more time at home. And just finding more things to do here that don't require going out and spending a lot of money or a lot of time with other people or I've kind of enjoyed having the time to myself.

Fitria Hardono 2:04
What kind of interests you found during the pandemic?

Bonnie Brainard 2:07
I found an interest in gardening that I had never had in my entire life. And my grandson and I started taking walks along the railroad tracks because it's a place we could go where no one else is. And we could just walk and not worry about running into people or whether or not anyone was wearing a mask.

Fitria Hardono 2:29
Oh, that is clever. A good idea. That's the only question I have.

Bonnie Brainard 2:35

Fitria Hardono 2:36
Thank you very much for your time today.

Bonnie Brainard 2:38
Thank you.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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