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Collected Item: “Photos from March for Summer Taylor”

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Photos from March for Summer Taylor

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Summer Taylor was 24 years old and lived in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. They died in the early hours of July 4th after marching and dancing with the nightly Black Femme March for Black Lives Matter. As it had for weeks, the protest entered the freeway and brought traffic to a stop. A driver in a white car sped toward the crowd, running into Summer and another activist, Diaz Love. Summer should be remembered as a hero who put their life on the line to make a difference, to stand with BLM, show solidarity with their community, and to disrupt an unjust system.⁣

When Summer's mother, Dalia, was asked about being concerned about children's safety attending protests, she responded, "I knew no matter how much I might want to ask them to stay safe during protests they would just say mom, if you are Black in this country it isn't even safe to be alive, and they were right."⁣

Photos from March for Summer Taylor, July 9, 2020

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Summer Taylor, Capitol Hill, Seattle, march, Black Femme March for Black Lives Matter, BLM, Black Lives Matter, murder, violence, white supremacy, Diaz Love, protest, Social Justice, ASU, HST580

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Drew Arrieta @itsdrw

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