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Collected Item: “If You Need To Read Lip's...”

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If You Need To Read Lip's...

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At Muir Woods National Park the park ranger had a sign displayed, If you need to read lips just let them know and they will remove their face coverings to communicate with you. I was super impressed. This year has be rough. I make my husband do the shopping after a man yelled at me at the beginning of the pandemic because I didn't hear the cashier the next isle over when she said she could help me. The man yelled, "What are you deaf?" and I was too embarrassed to defend myself.
I don't wear my hearing aids now because of the mask. Insurance wont cover the cost of the hearing aid and it costs more than my car. I am worried a hearing aid will fly off when I remove my mask so against the advisement of my audiologist I just keep them off. It's whatever.
Seeing signs like this just impress me. Inclusivity matters.

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sign, mask, communication, deaf, Deaf, HoH, inclusivity, hearing aids, ASU, HDT580

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Dana Lee Bell

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