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Collected Item: “"Asian and Black Americans experience racism differently. But we need to unite against hate"”

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"Asian and Black Americans experience racism differently. But we need to unite against hate"

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In this editorial in the Los Angeles Times, Black female staff writer Sandy Banks poses the question "Now the question is: Can we join together and move forward, with white supremacy — not each other — as the enemy?" She reflects on the years of tension in Los Angeles between the Black and Asian American communities. However, she sees a common ground between the two communities in light of the anti-Asian racism and shooting of six Asian women at the hands of a White male, whose crimes were justified by a police spokesperson who was found later to have made anti-Asian social media posts.

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Black, Asian, unity, racism, conflict, violence, AAPI, anti-Asian, advocacy, hate crime, xenophobia, Asian, Pacific Islander, shooting, BLM

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Sandy Banks

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