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Collected Item: “Eddy County(NM) government and business leaders relieved COVID-19 restrictions lessened”

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Eddy County(NM) government and business leaders relieved COVID-19 restrictions lessened

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This article discusses recent easing of the New Mexico state government's business restrictions in Eddy County. Businesses have been struggling to remain open and viable for the past year, and these lessened restrictions may help some restauranteurs avoid shuttering their businesses and permanently laying off their employees. The restrictions there, like many states, have specifically targeted the food and beverage industries while mega-stores are seldom impacted. During the previous year, the mid-sized community of Carlsbad lost 2 of its 3 grocery stores to temporary shutdown mandates over the holiday season. This community and its county have been especially hard-hit by economic impacts of President Biden's new Executive Orders on oil and gas production on federal lands, and the pandemic's additional business restrictions have made this a very difficult place to operate and patronize businesses.

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New Mexico, Eddy County, Carlsbad, Artesia, infection rate, restriction, lockdown, reopen, business,

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James Rayroux

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