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Collected Item: “Putting off Medical Appointments for fear of COVID”

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Putting off Medical Appointments for fear of COVID

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I myself did not see a doctor or make any appointments until August of 2020, roughly 5 months into the pandemic. I attended my well woman’s exam, something I get yearly. The article I have added here was written by a doctor. He talks about in the beginning of the pandemic, it was critical to only see the patients that needed to be seen, as there was still so much unknown. He goes on to talk about how the risks from postponing exams outweigh the risk of catching COVID-19. This is a big part of my research, the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. "A woman is more likely to die from an advanced-stage breast cancer than she is from COVID-19," said Therese Bevers, a medical director at a MD Anderson Cancer Center.
The doctor who wrote the article said he consulted with other doctors to create a list of appointments you should stop putting off. These are: cancer screenings, checkups for “new red-flag symptoms,” follow ups for chronic diseases, mental health management, and sexual health management. It is clear that these issues are important for human health upkeep, and they shouldn’t be avoided due to COVID-19 anymore. We have yet to see just how many health issues have been ignored during this pandemic.

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Alisha Downs

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