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Collected Item: “How the pandemic effects children. Oral history with Mohammed Husain”


How the pandemic effects children. Oral history with Mohammed Husain

Who conducted the interview? List all names, separated by comma.

Fatima Husain

Who was interviewed? List all names, separated by commas.

Mohammed Husain

Email Address(es) for all interviewers. Separated by comma.

fhusain02@gmail.com, mohammedhusain0130@gmail.com

If this oral history is related to research conducted in association with an institution (e.g. a museum, university, library), please include the name of the institution. If you are a faculty member or student conducting research, please provide the name of your school.

Arizona State University

What is the format of your recording?


In what ZIP code is the primary residence of the interviewee? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)? In what city/town/village does the interviewee live? In what country does the interviewee live? All comma-separated.

Canada, Toronto, Ontario

What is the age of the interviewee?

0 to 18

Describe the oral history.

This interview speaks about a teenager, Mohammed Husain, who has described her life through the course of the pandemic including how she has felt what she had experienced including some losses, things that have changed and ways she has coped. The set of questions provided are descriptive and offer directed questions that allow the interviewee to answer them thoroughly. Mohammed speaks about how she felt lonely during the pandemic. She describes things she has missed such as shopping going out with friends and effects on her mental health. She has also spoke about the limitations and how they have made her enjoy her own presence and made her evolve into a person who enjoys her own presence. She lists some positive aspects of the pandemic including closer relationships with family members along with a time to reflect on her own self. She has included that she has taken advantage of the time of the pandemic to really look back on her life and understand the moment as not everyone in their lifetime gets to live through such a scene.

On what date did you record this oral history?

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