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Collected Item: “The Beginning of the End!? Corona Culture Spring 2021”

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The Beginning of the End!? Corona Culture Spring 2021

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These items are a sampling of documents and links to news articles and public event dates that chronicle the reopening of some parts of the United States in spring 2021. One year after the start of the pandemic (the anniversary itself celebrated in various media), Texas and other parts of the U.S. were trying to return their businesses and services to more normal conditions. A community college's plan for reopening its main campus, a news article about a baseball park increasing its capacity (and having a sold out game), a listing of 2021 tour dates for popular musicians, and a town's decision to end its mask mandate all tell the story of people wanting to return to normal living. However, both government leaders and ordinary people could disagree about whether it was good to relax COVID restrictions as the announcement by a local mayor and the decision of a local school board suggests. These items reflect the challenges of returning to Pre-COVID lifestyles because not everyone was united in the belief that it was safe to live normal lives. This illustrates the interesting conflict between holding on to what makes people be or feels safe and those who believe such restrictions are unnecessary now.

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#ASU, #HST494, #CoronaCulture, #Texas, #TheEnd2021? #CoronaDebates

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https://www.kxan.com/sports/round-rock-express-to-increase-fan-attendance-for-triple-a-games-at-dell-diamond/amp/, https://www.kvue.com/amp/article/news/local/round-rock-texas-mask-mandate/269-bd43b98e-7fa3-4a67-87f8-9a986fff06bc, https://thomasrhett.com/tour, https://geraldalbright.com/tour/

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Kayla Nicole Phillips

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