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Collected Item: “Very Young Children CAN Learn Online…But Hugs Are Really Missed!”

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Very Young Children CAN Learn Online…But Hugs Are Really Missed!

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Jitinder Walia, Executive Director of Bronx Community College’s Early Childhood Center, describes how she and her staff managed to continue educating the children of BCC’s students after the campus had closed. When she first realized the pandemic would cause the Center to end in-person classes, she felt devastated. But she quickly realized that the children and their parents needed the Center’s services during this extremely stressful time. So she and her staff figured out how to provide online lessons for young children and social services for parents without in-person contact.

Jitinder misses hugs from children and face-to-face chats with parents. She’s looking forward to the day when she can hear the sounds of 100+ energetic children in her building. Yet she’s immensely proud of the way her staff has continued the Center’s mission during the pandemic, and she plans to continue some of the online activities created because of Covid.

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Ellen Balleisen

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Bronx Community College Early Childhood Center, education, Zoom classes

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Retired director of CLIP & CUNY Start

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Ellen Balleisen
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