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Was not close and personal with until it was

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We were crazy careful. In a bubble of two, for months. We went inside a grocery store maybe three times over the course of a year and not for the first six months. We always wore a mask. We honestly believed given given our personal situation, the best thing we could do was to remain isolated. We worked really hard at this. In the beginning, our mail sat in quarantine. Any groceries that came into the house, we we wiped them down. Some people, described my personal efforts as over the top neurotic. My parents older we’re careful as well. If you haven’t figured it out, this article was written with voice recognition software and the nuances that come with that. However they were older and this meant that they did require assistance. Fortunately they were not in a facility where it swept through. Instead they had caregivers who came from a reasonably fortunate demographic sample in terms of access to healthcare. In other words they probably had better than average odds then someone in an old age home. They always had masks, they have a supply of sanitizer in the car at all times. I’m at the beginning that is not in the beginning, they began to have their personal support workers do grocery shopping, thanking I know banking, pharmacy and pretty much anything that required them to occupy a shared space with others. In December, almost 10 months into the pandemic, my mom did not get Covid. However she required hospitalization. She had been sick for a long time and it appeared to be another infection. Well that was it. Just before Christmas, she began to make a recovery, which included physical therapy. My dad will go to the hospital every day. And during the other visiting hours, my brother would go. Unfortunately over the Christmas holidays, and due to hospital staff being overly per cautious, they had a shortage of staff and we’re not able to conduct the physical therapy. This certainly helped in terms of limiting their contact with others. However, My mom really needed physical therapy. So the progress that had been hard earned, prior to the holidays was Dowsett back and look like it was going to resume in January. My mom spent Christmas and New Year’s in the hospital, with my dad at her side. Then, the hospital restricted visiting. It wasn’t eliminated it was just more restrictive. In the end including my mom go to 13 patients four died of Covid. My dad who what is elderly and heard degenerative bone issues he’s not a patient had not been there obviously the entire time he passed five days before my mom. Once it was determined he had Covid and required hospitalization, they took him from his home to a different hospital than my mom. Each of them passed without any knowledge of the other passing. My dad had remark to me when I was expressing doubt over my overly per cautious approach did he didn’t think it was crazy, I actually thought it was wise. We held a virtual service, it was the first 100% virtual service the funeral home I had done. Again the grammar here is all messed up because of the voice recognition. We begin to settle back in our routine. And March I didn’t feel well, that was on a Thursday. I got tested on Saturday and by that time my wife is symptomatic yeah and we both had Covid. Fortunately, we didn’t require hospitalization, but it did hit us hard and we were never sure if we were going to end up going to the hospital. Our son, who took little to no precautions, lived at our house in a separate section. Where a wall had been constructed. Heating occurred through different systems. He was tested, he never got sick. Recently, I had my second shot, Moderna. The next day, I was as sick, same symptoms as during the Covid infection. It was a severe as the worst two days my Covid infection. Fact in fact, I had managed to work straight through by infection, however I did finish work early on a Friday and got out of bed maybe three hours until starting late on Monday. I’ve always heard that it was the second shot that hit people hard. I was discussing this with a friend of mine, who is generally pretty insightful and has a reputation for solving things others don’t. I don’t know if he was just trying to make me feel better or this was another one of his really good insights. Anyways he had suggested that this was like my body‘s second shot. I thought that was interesting and perhaps someone who reads this may also I’ve had a similar experience or comment on. That is my Covid story And my wife after patiently listening to me dictate this through voice recognition whispered as I was done and I’m sticking to it

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Bill Brunt

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