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Collected Item: “Shotgun Range Mask Trash”

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Shotgun Range Mask Trash

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photograph, text story

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In addition to finding mask trash at my campsite and in the common areas that Scouts and Scouters (adults in Scouting) walk through, I also found mask trash at program areas (meaning areas where merit badge sessions and other Scouting activities take place), like the shotgun range. Like the other photos, I picked up the mask after I took the photo. I am not as disappointed about this littered mask as I am about the others because it was in a fairly hidden location under a bench and I think most people at the range wouldn't have seen it.

The photo was taken at 3:31 PM on Friday, July 23, 2021.

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Camp Wolfeboro, North Fork Stanislaus River, Stanislaus River, Calaveras County, California, mask trash, mask, trash, litter, garbage, Scout, Scouting, shotgun, range

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Nicholas Harvey

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