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Collected Item: “Meet Grover, a golden retriever bringing calm to Alaskans anxious about their COVID-19 vaccination”

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Meet Grover, a golden retriever bringing calm to Alaskans anxious about their COVID-19 vaccination

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Grover and his owner, Karen Loeffler, are with the group NATIONAL Crisis Response Canines, which has teams that respond to crises and anywhere that people have stress and anxiety. Loeffler, the former United States attorney for the District of Alaska, regularly brings Grover to court to calm people when they are testifying in a trial or grand jury.
The Anchorage OEM connected Alicia with Loeffler’s group, and Lillian sat with Grover on the floor of the Alaska Airlines Center for an hour, petting him, brushing his fur and giving him treats until she was calm enough to get the shot.

A majority of children exhibit needle fear, along with up to 20-30% of young adults, according to a pre-pandemic meta-analysis. The 2018 study noted that 1 in 6 health care workers avoided the influenza vaccine because of a fear of needles, and the authors encouraged further study of approaches that could alleviate fear during injections.

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Pandemic Pets, pet, dog, canine, calm, therapy, vaccine, injection, fear, needle, Anchorage, Alaska

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Loren Holmes, Anchorage Daily News

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