Thought it would be interesting.

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Thought it would be interesting.

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Reflection of a university student in London.

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Basically an opinion piece.

For starters, as an American born in Yorkshire currently in my final year of uni studying Politics and International Relations with a minor in Law currently in London, I find myself merely inconvenienced. Mainly just access to food and having to wait in line to gain access to my local Sainsbury’s. Though I respect why this needs to happen, but a part of me is annoyed more than anything.
My main concern however is the policies governments will make to better increase their power over individuals. Sacrificing liberties for security, especially the definition of a non-essential business.
In my daily life I wake up, coffee or tea, eat, work on my dissertation, speak to friends online, play DnD when people are free, work on mod projects for Hearts of Iron 4 and watch Netflix, YouTube or anime.
Even though it feels like months have passed, I can still get by easily, stay calm and be careful.

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