Pandemic in NYC


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Pandemic in NYC

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This video was posted by a healthcare worker in New York City. She wanted to show people the severity of the pandemic and how it is affecting them. She shows the freezers that are used to store the bodies as well at the cars used as a hearse.

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"As I pulled up he showed me the fridges, uh, or the freezers for the bodies. Um, they're right behind me and there's also, is black cars over here are hearse. Uh, I guess they're using them to transport the bodies. But I'm going to show you the big freezers and's really eerie and it's really, a lot of emotions because there's bodies in there, you know, so... It's weird, it just feels like it's not real. I saw it on the news but in person it's so different."

[wind whipping]

[crowd cheering]

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1 minute, 2 seconds

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