Birds keep building nests

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Birds keep building nests

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This is a photo I took while walking in the park. It is nothing extraordinary it is just a picture of a leafless tree with several birds nests sitting in its branches. I took it because I remember feeling really off that day. I had that feeling in my stomach and arms, the feeling you get where you are anxious but you do not fully know why. Work was hectic, outside seemed to quiet to be outside and something about this tree captured a normalcy I wished I felt part of at the time. I can not say this virus is what scares me. I am not underestimating the abilities of an illness with no vaccine but I feel if anything, it is people that have scared me. The second it seems that the world is not working in our favor we have turned against one another, hoarded, fought, been unsympathetic in nature to the only other beings that can truly understand how we feel. While all the while, the birds remain unfazed, building their nests in their trees.

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