Masks Reveal the Struggle Ahead

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Masks Reveal the Struggle Ahead

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I added this because, as frustrated as I am about the continued practice of physical distancing and because I am concerned about the economy, the science surrounding the virus is clear: too easily transmitted, not enough tests, and widespread ignorance.

This photo and post spoke to me.

From the post that goes with it:
"Here’s what I can tell you after 5 days of taking care of COVID19 patients sick enough to need the hospital but not sick enough to need the ICU: this is the weirdest fucking virus I have ever seen (except maybe HIV). The constellation of symptoms that we see is honestly mind boggling. The people who seem fine and the crash. The people who I think will crash but are fine. The people who have absolutely none of the most common symptoms. The people who check every box on the symptom list. At this point everyone has it until proven otherwise (twice).
The surge is on, and we are holding steady. It is *just* manageable. We are doing it but with stress to the teams and the system.
If you think the country is ready for business as usual, I disagree. We aren’t there yet. We need tests (yes. We stillllllll can’t test everyone). We need a vaccine. And we need effective medication. We are working our asses of. We need more time. Thank you so much for staying home!!!"

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