One World Together At Home

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One World Together At Home

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Probably most of us saw the propaganda on our social media.

The event was co-planned by Lady Gaga in conjunction with WHO and Global Citizen Global Citizens Organization. It aims to help unite and inspire medical personnel in this special period, and to increase support in combating the COVID-19 virus epidemic.

There are several world-famous celebrities attend this concert, such as Tylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, and Celine Dion. Despite those, there are some artists from Asia also involve in this event. The concert will include celebrities’ speech, video recording, and performance. Besides that, every country will share their current situation to the world. Most celebrities use limited resources to do their performance.

This is a really amazing moment in a year that everyone is connecting to each other, regardless of where you are. The concert was held remotely, and every celebrity does the performance at home. At this moment, everyone is doing their best to overcome the virus. Most of my friends look forward to this event that shares the moments they love during the concert. I saw some celebrities do the online streaming in their bedroom, with the messy bed as background. Everyone is facing the same situation and have the same goal to make the world back to normal.

Together! Stay home!

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Global Citizens Organization

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