A Dark Green Mill In Daylight

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A Dark Green Mill In Daylight

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The historic Green Mill Cocktail Lounge in Uptown, Chicago, has long been open from 12PM to 4AM 365 days a year: the marquee lights blaze in the daylight and twinkle invitingly once the sun goes down, and you can hear the faint blares of trumpets and saxophones. This bar has long been a haven from modern life for busybodies and music-lovers alike, where they can relax in the relic of the jazz age, myself included. For three years now, I have been going to the Green Mill every Tuesday after my bartending shift. However, Covid-19 has forced the bar to close its doors and to turn off its lights. Uptown feels lost without its guiding beacon, and its presence is one of the few aspects of regular life that I genuinely miss. #DePaulHST391

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