Coronavirus and Latin American Families

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Coronavirus and Latin American Families

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My parents are from Honduras a place that is considered a third world country. They lived in a place where serious illness was common and going to the hospital was no an option. My parents were around illnesses that killed people within their own family and were dealt with at home using remedies that were known within the community since going to the hospital was far too expensive for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money or transportation to get themselves there. I have been told about sicknesses I was not even aware of before they mentioned it such as mad cow desires. Once Covid-19 started they assured us they had experienced worst, they were not worried about what was going on due to thinking how great health care is in America compared to Honduras. My mom has always been a clean freak, and has always made us get stuff in bulk due to having a big family of six. My parents didn’t start to get worried until the virus arrived in America and people started dying. Once schools were closed they began to panic and started to worry about why the future had to come. When El Salvador another third world country built a hospital in anticipation of the virus heading there was when they finally realized how awful this virus was going to be. We started calling family that was located in Honduras and heard that they were also seeing the panic buying going on as us in America. As a family we decided that it would be best to follow the regulations to make sure all of us would be okay. My parents only go out because of work and when needing to go grocery shopping that’s it they do nothing else. When the virus heavily hit New York, we began to start talking to my aunt to see how she was doing handling all that was going on and that was when we received the news that her and her husband had been experiencing a range of symptoms but were not allowed to get tested. Once we got word of this my dad started to go out of his way and shower and change before coming in contact with any of us as he is still working while all of this is going on. It has been a roller coaster of emotions to be living at the same time as a pandemic is going on. My parents and I are concerned about not only our future but also the chances of losing family who cannot afford to keep themselves safe and what will come from all of this.

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