Nothing to do

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Nothing to do

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A personal account of the pandemic.

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The coronavirus has essentially forced my entire life online. I do school online. I watch movies online. I play games online. I talk to my mom online. Everything I do is online. Although, it does not feel that much has changed. This is because before coronavirus most of my life was conducted online. However, the biggest missing piece from life is entertainment; specifically sports. There is no baseball, basketball, or hockey. My life revolved around hanging out to watch sports or following sports news. Now the sports world is almost entirely turned off. However, a new sports star has emerged since the coronavirus started. A media personality named Big Cat has captivated thousands of sports fans and has given people something to entertain them. Big Cat created a coach in the NCAA 14 football video game and streams the games he plays on the streaming website Twitch. Big Cat usually pulls an audience of 30-50 thousand viewers. In his virtually coaching career he has switched colleges many times and each time he does he attracts the actual college's attention. When Big Cat moved his coach from Toledo to USC, the official Twitter for USC football made the announcement. After Big Cat announced his virtual coach was looking for a new school, dozens of premier college football programs were begging him to sign with their school on their official Twitter handles. Big Cat's coaching career on the video game has taken on a life of its own. It has been crazy to watch his virtual coaching career on a video game turn into one of the most talked about events in sports at this time. Big Cat is only one example of how people have been providing entertainment online for thousands to follow and watch. Hopefully quarantine is over soon and sports will return with thousands of fans in packed arenas. I think it will happen sooner rather than later because everyone knows the NFL will not stop its business for anything.

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