“Covid hasn't really affected my beliefs at all."


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“Covid hasn't really affected my beliefs at all."
Religion 101 Oral History #36, 2020/04/24

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“Covid hasn't really affected my beliefs at all. It's just kinda given me more time to spend reading the Bible and praying and stuff like that. Also, I've been putting an emphasis on caring for people and reconnecting my family using FaceTime....”

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Oral History

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Corey talks about how COVID-19 has affected is beliefs and interactions with his religious community. He also talks about how his religious community has adapted to COVID-19 and what community service efforts they have participated in to help alleviate the pandemic’s effects.

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Speaker 1 0:00
Hi everyone. Today is April 24, 2020 and I am interviewing Corey, who I think will provide a perspective on religion and the COVID-19 pandemic. Okay, so first, how has COVID-19 affected your faith or beliefs?

Corey 0:20
COVID hasn't really affected my beliefs at all. It's just kind of give me more time to spend reading the Bible and [computer beep] stuff like that. Also, I've been putting emphasis on caring for people and like reconnecting with my family, like using FaceTime, like, electronically.

Speaker 1 0:37
Nice, thank you. Next, is your religious community still gathering currently? How has COVID-19 affected your participation in your religious community?

Corey 0:47
My particular religious community is still gathering, they still hold the virtual services at the same time as they normally would just like on the website. I also still have been holding, like, virtual meetings with, like, my men's, like, small youth group that I do. It’s with high school students, I do that on Wednesdays. So that's been, you know, good, good as well.

Speaker 1 1:11
Awesome. And then lastly, is your religious community supplying or engaged in any kind of community service in an attempt to alleviate issues caused by the pandemic? If so, what are those efforts?

Corey 1:25
My community has been assisting a little bit. They've been giving masks and face shields. They've done blood drives, supplying volunteers for food banks, and a couple of local high school graduations. Or they've been helping hold a couple of the high school graduations while enforcing social distancing, stuff like that. They've donated food, providing Bibles to like grocery stores. Or providing Bibles and groceries from local stores. And then they've been able to help some of the high-risk people in our community by doing like a food drive, not a food drive, like food trains to give people meals, like, the at-risk people.

Speaker 1 2:07
Awesome. All right. Well, those are the only questions I have today. And Cory, I appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me.

Corey 2:14
Any time.

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