Tired in Quarantine


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Tired in Quarantine

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I was so tired from the minute I got out of bed. I only got out of bed at that time because everyone else in the house was already up and about. I took Elena to preschool and did my schoolwork. During my schoolwork I ate a piece of cake. I shouldn’t have done it. I should have eaten something healthy. I have, despite my best efforts, gained weight during this quarantine. Ross finally opened up again today with really low prices and my mom got me some clothes that I was very happy for. I am so happy to be blessed enough to be able to have nice new clothes. I tried them all on and my favorite were the camo pants. I was really tired and hungry during my workout, but I was hydrating better and ever before. I also got to do a fun game that my sister got for her birthday. It was actually cool.

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