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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of many people. In my case, this has affected me in my education in different ways. First, universities and colleges had to close. I used to go to college four days a week, so my routine changed completely. Now with the spread of COVID-19, I have to stay home because it is safer and also help to stop the spread. I have to admit, I was enjoying being home, but after a few days I was easily bored. Second, students who planned to graduate this spring semester may have a very different graduation. I heard that the university is planning some surprises for them, but I am sure they would rather have a "normal" graduation. I was pretty sure the summer classes would be online, but I didn't think about having the fall semester online too. I agree and disagree with the college’s decision to plan the fall classes online. I think it is a good idea to avoid future spread. However, I also think that maybe it may be an exaggeration, but my sister always says: "I don't believe in this virus, but just in case I protect myself."

This epidemic has some good things. In my case, I am using my extra time to cook healthier foods and I have even experimented with new recipes. I have more time to talk to my loved ones. My grandmother can now make video calls. My sister can spend more time with her son. I am planning to learn something new when the semester ends. I hope to be able to travel with my mother to Mexico and see my family. I would like to be with them in this difficult time. Our planet Earth has also benefited from this virus because it now has less pollution. My advice to get over this virus is to stay home and follow the rules.

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