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My mother is a primary school teacher and she has described some of the policies that the Dept of education has adopted due to the Coronavirus; I have had thoughts about these policies and about the inherent problems with them. I am not saying that the Department of Education is doing the wrong thing, because what they are doing is needed, but there are problems with their policies.
The teachers have been told to social distance with the children which is problematic in early childhood classes. The students are already unsettled and need to be reassured. To get the children to socially distance with each other seems infeasible; especially after the long break where many children were at home.
The teachers have been told they cannot give the children any materials that have been handled by adults. If materials can't be disinfected they can't be used. So how can you use autumn leaves? Or play dough? And how do you stop children sharing the playdough? Child to child transmission is a real problem.
The regulations say sandpits cannot be used by children but sand play is an important creative and calming activity. Is it realistic to disinfect slippery dips?
The extensive use of chemical disinfectant is concerning (especially if they consequently consume the disinfectant) - but handwashing is incredibly time consuming for young children.
I do not have a solution. I cannot rant and rave at the government for terrible policy because there aren't any clearly good ones; to send the children out risks infection, yet to keep them in affects their education.
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