What's on my mind?

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What's on my mind?

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What’s on your mind? Honestly always my homework and everything going on that's on social media. I'm always thinking “did I do this?, did I do that?” and always stressing about getting my homework handed in on time. I feel like school has been harder lately. I feel like I'm not really learning anything and I feel like everyone's more concerned about passing their classes than actually learning what's going on in the lesson. We’ve been getting a lot more homework then we usually do in my opinion. It's a little hard to keep up with all of the work but it's ok we have two weeks left until school is over so we won't be getting any work after these two weeks and we won't be getting too much since we are finishing up all of the lessons we’ve done. Moving on to social media. Everyone is talking about George floyed, a black man killed by a white cop by not being able to breathe because of the cop and saying he couldn't breathe numerous times and with people trying to help and say something about it the cop didn't listen. A few weeks ago before this event a man named Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed by two white men for absolutely nothing that was that serious for him to have his life taken away. These two events make me feel absolutely disgusted and even feel embarrassed to be white. These events force other cultures to talk about how white people do this and that and it makes the white people who aren't racist feel embarrassed and disgusted and uncomfortable in their own skin. Racism in this world needs to be stopped. It's 2020! Why are we STILL being racist? Towards a human being who has a family and a life. We are being racist and treating them like crap for what? Their skin color? That's disgusting. Black people are now being ashamed to be who they are because of white people constantly hating and doing horrible things to them. Cops need to have boundaries. If the person they are trying to arrest is already handcuffed what are they holding him down for? Why did they have to stop his breathing? He was already handcuffed. The cops take advantage of their jobs and should have their limits as well as we do. I'm not saying every cop is like this but there's a lot that are racist and use their advantage of being a cop. That’s all.
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