A Loss of Words for a Season That Barely Started

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A Loss of Words for a Season That Barely Started

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This year was supposed to be my third year in swim season. Being in varsity swim since freshman year, I've always looked up to give everything I got in my races and maybe even try to break at least one record by my senior year. With COVID-19 cancelling our entire season of swim, I was shocked in many ways because I have never expected the sport I'm passionate about to be cancelled. Not only was this tragic, but also all the hard work that I put into to make CIF 2020 went down the drain. I don't even have a pool in my backyard and when the pool opens back up again, I will be as sluggish as ever. COVID-19 affected my physical abilities in general and as I attempt to exercise with different methods besides swimming such as the popular Chloe Ting's workout, I barely saw any result and gained 7 lbs in the process. Thank you COVID-19 for ruining my swim experience.

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