Remnants of Normalcy


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Remnants of Normalcy

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When quarantining started, I had mixed feelings about not attending school or work, not seeing my small circle of friends, and not getting to take mini explorations out in the city.

I'm an introvert who dies to get out of the house. The house I've lived in for my entire life has brimmed with tension and toxicity in recent years. Outside is where I've found my peace and my place in the world.

School is my space to grow as an artist, to tap into my capabilities, and to be - or at least find - myself. My job is my step into independence and my career as a filmmaker. My friends are my soul connections, they breathe life into me with their jokes and smiles. My lone adventures around New York City remind me that the world is enormous, full of energy and life, and I can end up wherever I choose.

These elements of my life give me the confidence and hope I need for the future. I appreciate these moments dearly.

This short film speaks to all of that.

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