A Collection of Videos of Wuhan's Most Famous Internet Celebrity Curtain

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A Collection of Videos of Wuhan's Most Famous Internet Celebrity Curtain

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The original first record of the curtain was 02/14/2020, it was actually valentines day. It is a story that I have personally followed up with. I accidentally saw one of the videos when the mystery was not solved, then decided to follow up. The very first video uploaded in the collection was only a short video of a random Wuhan man taking a video of one neighbor's curtain crazily flying outside the opened window. The curtain flew for days and there is no one in the house because it was never held well as how other curtains should be inside the window. For days and weeks, millions and millions of people in DouYin and the real-world worried about the family that should be living in that apartment. They wish and hope they are safe and healthy and prayed for them. Luckily after months, the owner came back safe and sound with his family. They were stuck in another city and could not come back. The Wuhan museum then decided to collect this set of curtains for the memory of fighting this pandemic, that videos of the only small flying curtain made millions and billions of people worried and prayed together for the family. It is important because it's a special memory for all to think about and pray for a set of curtains and the family that owned them. it was worrying but memorable, it draws the whole country's attention with a lonely curtain. It recorded how this pandemic affects people's real life, social media, as well as hearts worrying for families all over the world.
The original curtain status recorder's DouYin name: @当当当当当 DouYin ID: 633814900
It's a collection of videos (with DouYin QR code attatched in file). I found it in the Chinese famous social media DouYin, same boss company with TikTok.

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