Life of a American Latina struggling with cultural norms before and now

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Life of a American Latina struggling with cultural norms before and now

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Well I’m about to talk about the object that I have uploaded that relates to the vet to make in the way during this time because as I only know who struggles with cultural norms every day. Trying to do housework, take care of her siblings, and also cook, wash dishes, and clean up after everybody on the dinner table. It’s hard when you have your mom around 24/7 you try to do your best to like and do what she expects. Sometimes it’s not always how it turns out and then you try to do your schoolwork and if they see you on the phone or a computer. They think you are being lazy and that you don’t do anything around the house so when it comes to time a teacher calls or if you have a brother and he talks to you put in any assignments. It’s like a whole different story because they expect you to do two things at once everyday and then you get lectured about why you don’t do your schoolwork because it’s never easy being the oldest daughter and having this pressure.
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I found this google just searching up young latinas struggling with the cultural norms of what a Latina should be like and what they should or shouldn't wear, and etc.

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