COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #4, Mechanical Engineer Major's Point of view

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COVID Share Your Story #RITtigers #4, Mechanical Engineer Major's Point of view

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Due to COVID-19 it has been a crazy few weeks. I was in Florida on the women's crew training trip. When we first got the news the year would not be continuing as planned. At first I was heart broken I had made some of the most amazing friends and the thought of being away from them for longer than just the summer was heart breaking. I was scared that we would loose contact. However the exact opposite has happened, we now video chat on the weekly and call each other we need help or just a pick me up. Al though it is not the same as eating dinner every night together or spending each weekend hanging out we have still found ways to connect. If I could give a message to myself at the start of this semester, what would I say? I would tell myself to pack lighter. I didn't use a lot of stuff I packed and it was a pain when trying to move back home.
[This item was collected by Student Government as a response to their pitch "Share Your Story" sent out on Facebook and other media. Responses were gathered through an inter-campus survey mechanism. 23 responses were gathered.]

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