New Orleans Covid

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New Orleans Covid

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I traveled to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with my best friend this year. Upon arriving to New Orleans we take part of all kinds of festivities. There was whispers of this virus coming from China. No one knew what the impact of this virus soon would become. Mardi Gras went on with no significant problems. My friend and I decided to stay in New Orleans a little bit longer after Mardi Gras to really take in the culture and art of the city. While we were there, COVID discussions in the media intensified and their was whispers of the city shutting down over this virus. Two days before our departure New Orleans and the rest of the country effectively shut down to quarantine for COVID. At the time, we did not understand the gravity of the situation, we just knew something felt off. About 90% of the city was shut down at this point. We enjoyed our last two days in New Orleans going to restaurants and bars that were still open. I don't think we quite understood the gravity of the situation until we got to the airport to fly home. There were extra precautions and check points in the airport because of COVID. Individuals who were coughing or appeared ill were being detained and could not fly. There was even whispers that all flights would shut down. It really was something out of a movie. Luckily, I was able to board a flight home. The airplane ride was surreal. Only 1/3 of the plane was occupied and no-one was interacting. I arrived home and the very next day, the whole United States shut down for quarantine--I really could not believe it. I later found out that Mardi Gras was considered the epicenter for the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. I did not have symptoms but I later found out that I had acquired antibodies for COVID-19. Surely, from my experience in New Orleans. Months later, I lost my ability to smell. I went to get tested again and I tested negative for COVID-19 but still retained the antibodies. I work in the medical profession and I have been told by numerous doctors that I lost my sense of smell much later after the virus because it must have attacked my olfactory nerve and it is currently in the process of regenerating thus I have lost my sense of smell. I wanted to share my experience because everyone is effected differently by this virus, some people aren't even aware they acquired it. It really is quite a surreal experience when you think about it. This certainly is a story that I can tell for the rest of my life and hopefully I regain my sense of smell back one day.

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