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Middle of the Road

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Growing up as a middle class white female, being one who fights for the under dog (social justice) has always made me stand out. One of the reasons I was attracted to my current college, Antioch was that the school fights for social justice. The pandemic has shined a light on all the inequalities in our nation and globally. Initially, when the protesting began it felt needed and I was in full support. As time has passed, the protests have become violent and I have seen people from the left and the right become narrow minded and clouded by anger. Today, I still stand for social justice and support many of the protests but what I have learned from seeing political arguments in the media is that I don't know a whole lot about our nations history, government processes, and the history of racism in the world. I no longer trust the news and today's journalist. Before the pandemic, I knew exactly who I wanted to vote for during this years presidential election and now I don't know. I find myself in the middle between the Democratic and Republican party. I don't want to not vote because I lose my voice. What the pandemic and protests have shown me is that I need to educate myself so I can make an informed opinion before I vote instead of voting blindly like I have in the past. Where I find myself now is in the middle of the road, a place I ner thought I would find myself and a position that is extremely uncomfortable.

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