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School Cancellation News Article

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2. This news article, although short and not very informative, is important to my experience with the coronavirus because it was when I had first learned that schools had started to close. My mother had sent it to me about when as the news had just come out. This was a big moment and a turning point for lots of people because although we had heard lots about the coronavirus and had seen the numbers and read the articles, this would be the first time it would affect us directly. The pandemic, at this time, had finally started to feel real and it had dawned upon me, and likely many others, that this would be something that would really impact me and my life, and it was no longer just something you heard or talked about. This, to me, shows how quickly the pandemic grew and took people by surprise. It also reminds me of times when people would claim that the coronavirus was being exaggerated by the media, or when others would guess that the virus would be gone before summer, because this was the moment that disproved those theories to me.
4. Jean Marbella, Pamala Wood, Liz Bowie (The Baltimore Sun)
1. My submission is a news article from March 13th, which was written about schools and businesses closing and events being cancelled as the coronavirus had just started to spread in Maryland . I found this in my old messages, where my mother had sent it to me right when she saw it.

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news article

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The Baltimore Sun

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