Cruise Industry Crewmembers Heroes during Covid Pandemic

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Cruise Industry Crewmembers Heroes during Covid Pandemic

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The cruise industry is a tight-knit group, where it seems like everyone knows everyone else. The Covid-19 pandemic blindsided the industry, which was unprepared for how quickly Covid-19 would spread across the globe and amongst ships. Covid-19 stressed all health and sanitation protocols the industry at large had in place. This lead to some dire circumstances and a humanitarian crisis with Covid-19 outbreaks aboard cruise ships adrift at sea where they were denied port entry in numerous countries around the world. The following article is an appeal for help written early on in the crisis by Suzanne Westover, wife of Holland America Line’s Staff Captain Craig Ravesloot. Herself a former crew member, Suzanne uses her platform to remind the world that the onboard crew was working round the clock to protect the health and wellbeing of passengers. Her friends and colleagues at sea needed help, the situation was dire, what would we do if in the same position?

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