Are American Values being lived up to today?


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Are American Values being lived up to today?

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This essay was produced as a part of the American Studies program at California High School in San Ramon, California. The essay is in response to the prompt "Is America currently living up to its core values?" This essay argues how the values of equality and the right to protest are not being lived up to by Americans today. It also includes references to the following modern events: The core values of equality and the right to protest are not being lived up to today. Today, COVID-19 pandemic is spreading and normalizing racial inequality towards Asians. The president is adding on to this situation by constantly using the terms "China Virus" and "Kung FLu" even when many people pointed it out to him that it was considered racist. Additionally, the Black Lives Matter movement helps to support how the law enforcement is violating the basic right to protest. Peaceful protesters gathered to show their support for blm however the police dispersed the crowds by using excessive force.

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