Hospital Adventure

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Hospital Adventure

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My sister has a special heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. She goes to a special heart doctor that has an office inside of the hospital which we visit every six months. Normally if I am off of school I go with my Mother and Sister. However, this time we encountered problems:

Dear Diary,
Today my sister went to one of her Heart Doctor appointment. When we walked up to the hospital there were two security guards. One of them stopped us and asked who had the appointment. My Mother explained to him that it was my sister. The man then asked how old my sister was and my mom told him. Because she was a minor he said that my mom could go to the appointment with her, however I was gonna have to stay outside. My mom told the man that that was not possible. I myself am only 16 and would have to wait outside by the side of the street for at least an hour and a half. Eventually the security guard told us that it would be okay, and he walked with us past another pair of guards. So we were finally in the hospital.
When we got inside there were two ladies that came to take our temperature. They then questioned us, and again we had to explain our situation. They didn’t let us by until we said which part of the hospital we were going to. We thought we were alright then, cause we had made it inside. But as we walked past the front desk, one of the men that was sitting there got up and stopped us yet again. We told the same story yet again! At this point we were close to being late for the appointment, and this was bad because it would take a long time to get another appointment. Finally he relented and we made it to the appointment without any more incidents.
The funny thing is that, when we got to the office, they didn't say anything. They let me in without saying anything.
This is one of my own journal entries

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