Adapting to Covid-19

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Adapting to Covid-19

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Well, for me I can say it wasn't that much of a change due to the fact that I go to a school where our school work revolves around technology, and we use technology almost everyday in order to complete what is being asked of us. Only this time we would be on our technology the whole time we were at school, due to the fact that this is the only way to communicate to each other ,to complete projects and assignments. hen again, like I said, it really wasn't that much of a change and I am so thankful for this due to the fact how I already am on a computer all the time as it is. To be honest I do feel bad for kids who don't have the privilege of what we have at my school cause it could take some time for them to adapt to this new environment that they are being exposed to. But who knows they might have fun with it and make the best of it, which is good. My brother and sister are just now starting school online and my brother loves it but not so much my sister cause she does get shy which is understandable, but she has just always been that way. But they seem to be doing ok, they keep on asking me for help on how to check emails, how to log on to zoom and google meets, but it makes me very happy that they feel that they can come to me and ask for help because thats what Im here for, them and it means the world to me. I remember gauge was panicking cause he thought he was going to be late cause he didnt know how to use google meets so I had to help him and he gave me the biggest hug, almost like I just saved his life. My sister got the hang of it pretty fast which I knew was gonna happen cause she's a wiz at literally everything, her and my dad and my mom and brother are the smartest people I know. I do have to admit adapting to this new environment is a little frustrating due to the fact how some of us (my brother and sister) might not know how to do everything right away, but we have to keep in mind that right now even if we are in a tough situation that we just have to be there for eachother and we have to help each other in order for everything to be normal again.
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