My Journey Throughout Online School

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My Journey Throughout Online School

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When the first cases in our state were announced (March 11), schools were shut down within days. At first, I thought it would only last for a couple of weeks, or maybe a month at most. But, that didn’t happen. In fact, we will probably not go back on to campus this year. School is now being held online, and it has its ups and downs. Something good about it is that I don’t have to get up as early, fully dressed, and school days are shorter. However, I’m not actually getting anymore additional sleep than I did when I had to wake up at 6 AM, since I now stay up until 1 or 2 AM. Another thing that I don’t particularly like about online school is that I don’t get to interact with my friends during school. I’m happy that we have the technology to communicate with them every day, but I wish I could physically be with them and talk to them face to face.
Online school is either done through Google Meets, Zoom, or Discord, where teachers give instruction and answer any questions we have. Since I attend a technology based school, we were given Macbook Airs, and use them to do assignments. At my school, already semi-operated online so the transition to online school wasn’t hard. We use this site called “echo” where we turn in our assignments and they get graded. So far online school is okay except for the occasional Wi-Fi issues that are annoying. I can say I definitely prefer going to actual school since everything just seemed a lot more streamlined.

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